[WIN – CLOSED] Nerf Blaster Flaconfire

Last week Hasbro sent us the Nerf Blaster Falconfire from the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series. It’s actually pretty cool compared to the others (well compared to our other one) as the new range has redesigned bullets that make them shoot further and more accurately which does make shooting down plastic bottles easier, although this means that mom isn’t scoring all the points anymore haha.

Now, I am not an advocate for guns but I grew up as a kid in the Namibian desert which means I could shoot from the moment I was the same height as the shotgun I was firing with. We didn’t shoot to hunt, we learned how to respect them because as he always says – Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

So when Fysh got his first Nerf Blaster I took a leaf out of dad’s page and first and foremost taught him respect for it. And of course then we moved onto perfect aim because he is my kid after all and I hate being hypocritical ;)

We have had a lot of fun with it, testing it out against the old one, only meh part is that the old bullets aren’t compatible with the new blaster. They fit and all that but they don’t fire so mama needs to make sure there are some extra ones for him in his xmas box :) It does come with a few but having spares means we have to bug the neighbor less to get the ones back that go over the wall haha.

Now here’s the bit you’ve been waiting for…

If you want your own one for some holiday bottle shooting or you want to join one of the challenges on the Nerf Blaster website you’ll be happy to hear that Hasbro has given me an extra one to give to one of you!

And because according to Fysh he is an expert in all things Nerf Blaster he’s going to get to choose who it goes to and he says that you need to leave a comment telling him how many pets you have and which is your favorite colour (yeah I don’t know, it’s random but it’s what he wants haha)

** Winner will be emailed on the 20th of November 2017

20 thoughts on “[WIN – CLOSED] Nerf Blaster Flaconfire

  1. We have 4 goldfish… or 5. I need to count them again… also Elijah would LOVE this nerfgun, then maybe he could make friends with the other kids in the complex who always play with their big guns.

  2. We have two cats currently. We are down from 3 rabbits. Three cats. 1 snake and 1 tarantula. Draven (12) is a Nerf fanatic :D

  3. Love Fysh’s choice of questions!

    We have 1 dog (rescued her at 3 days old) 3 fish and a tiny rescue tortoise at the moment. Our house is always rehabilitating something!

    Favourite color Teal

  4. We have 3 (and 2 are rescues) cats… in black so we can have more than the allowed limit of 2 in our complex.
    Pink – bright pink… none of this light millennial or baby pink.

  5. Entering on behalf of my 9 year old daughter Ariya, sadly no pets at the moment because we’re still trying to get a handle on her allergies. Her favourite colour is cyan.

  6. Hi Fysh! We have two cats, Kali (Goddess of Darkness – she is black) and Juno (coz I like the movie). They are very naughty and wake us up way too early. Harvey, my little boy, has pet snails that he likes to find in the garden. My favourite colour is green. I like lush-cow-field green :)

  7. We have two cats.. Ginger (who thinks he’s a puppy) and our very ancient Maimie. Gabriel’s fav colour is sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes purple.. depends on what it’s for :)

  8. Hey Fysh! I’m entering for my son Ethan – he is turning 9 in December. We have 4 (yes 4 dogs). Jess a labrador, Goofy a golden retriever (he got his name from his tongue that hangs out when he runs) Marley a Jack Russel and Lilly a sausage cross pekignese.
    Ethan’s favourite colours is purple and blue

  9. We have two staffy dogs – Sam and Joker. Yep – like the Batman villain! He needs a Nerf Blaster… because villain! Also, my favourite colour is green. :)

  10. We have 2 dogs, 2 Indian ring necks & a Curly Hair Tarantula. I like our Curly hair tarantula named Peter Parker. Would love to win the Nerf Blaster for my boy

  11. Hi Fysh – We have 3 dogs, a tankful of guppies and at the moment an ice-cream container of meal worms(not sure if that counts though). My favourite colour is blue.

  12. We have a 2 year old female BOXER,Bailey and a 1 year old male Yorkie
    Favourite colour has to be blue apparently because as I look around my home,all I see is blue items,lol

  13. Hi Fysh! My little man and I both love green! He has an aggressive tropical fish called Star Fire who loves hiding in his shipwreck (unless it’s feeding time of course!) We also have a beautiful golden Labrador called Sasha who eats lemons!

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