spontaneity vs planning

I like to think that I can be spontaneous and don’t need a rigid schedule but I’m just lying to myself. While I don’t write it all down and list it hour by hour like some people I do plan out my day and week in my head and if anyone messes with my planningRead more

Stubborn or Determined?

I haven’t really been writing here much lately as you can tell despite having several things to review and books to talk about. It’s been easier for me to Instagram my thoughts and I feel a bit more validated there like people are actually seeing it. Dumb I know. Another reason I haven’t been writingRead more

“why do you homeschool?”

I often get asked why I homeschool, and I’m often told my child isn’t getting the right opportunities and that I’m making him anti social as he’s not able to socialise enough. Why I argue this : firstly, that sort of thinking means that being in a school clearly did nothing for YOUR social skills elseRead more

A trip to the dentist

So according to the oral hygienist this morning kids are supposed to start making trips to the dentist from the moment they have all their milk teeth. I had NO idea. I really didn’t. Did you? Well when I went to the clinic last year to make an appointment to remove the broken wisdom toothRead more


I mentioned vaguely that I’m going to be attempting a 365 project in 2017. It’s two days to go and I’m starting to wonder if I’m setting myself up for failure. Either way, I’m obviously going to try my absolute best NOT to fail. I’ll be doing a mix of art styles for the projectRead more

Snow fun at Canal Walk!

So recently Fysh and I went for an evening of absolute FUN at Canal Walk. If you’re a local I’m sure you already know that every December for the past 10+ years they host a ice adventure over December. Bringing some snow fun to our summer holiday season. If you’re new… well now you knowRead more

[WIN] double tickets to the pre-screening of INFERNO

I have read every single one of Dan Brown’s books and absolutely loved them though as of yet I haven’t read Inferno for some odd reason but I am definitely going to read it ASAP. In case you didn’t know, Inferno has been made into a movie! Robert Langdon is BACK! and to celebrate the releaseRead more

Things unschooling has taught me

We’ve been homeschooling for 9 months now, well actually we started off with the plan to homeschool but then we found that the whole structure thing isn’t really for us and that unschooling is more up our Alley. It’s something that comes really naturally to kids, but us parents have to learn it.  Or re-learn itRead more

The failure box gets another thing in it 

Today can go suck it.  And not because this morning my leg gave out from under me causing me to mess an entire mug of perfectly good coffee and hurting some or other muscle.  And not because Fysh dropped a brand new jar of cheese spread that I had to clean up and throw outRead more

20 things about Anxiety people with it want you to know


1. Whatever is causing the anxiety might seem irrational to you, but it is very fucking real to us Very, Very real. 2. Anxiety can happen at any moment, and when it does, we only need one thing: support. Don’t try and fix it it, just be there for us, or at least let us know you’re thereRead more

DAY SEVENTEEN > Crochet by Cupcake

Of course I had to throw a little something in the mix from myself. Actually this won’t be the only thing from me, there might be one or two more to fill gaps where people bailed or promised a spot and didn’t get back to me. Cause yes, that is the simple reality. Things don’tRead more

favourite video of the week – The Maker

  I found this on an authors time line and am so in love with it. The style, the music. Just everything about it. It’s so hauntingly beautiful and I wish I could put it into words. There is so much you can read into this, how he works his entire life for a fewRead more

around the mountain and through the woods

Usually The Person and I alternate weekends between myself and him but the past 2/3 months he’s been every weekend cause we have the pool and with it being so hot it needs work, also it’s here to swim in and cool down where as at him we just melt haha. But with working atRead more

drink creatively

Myself and Padfoot missioned through to The Hollow Tree in Bellville last night to join in on Paint Nite after she won last minute tickets. Mama doesn’t like babysitting during the week cause of my brother needing to be at school the next morning and her 7am gym routine but she agreed with a bitRead more

turn to page 394.

It’s not too often I get sad when a famous person dies. They’re just people and I don’t personally know them so I don’t feel like it’s a huge deal. The last time I had feels when someone died was when Paul Walker died and they did that farewell for him on the last fastRead more

what a festive season

So I have had so much work to do since the last post (yay) and then decided to take a bit of a break to just enjoy time with friends and family and boy did I people myself out for a change! From xmas eve eating and being merry with family while opening gifts toRead more

mama guilt and pride

There are moments where I just want to sit and cry because I can’t give Fysh everything he wants and I guess I now know how my own mama felt when we were little and she was raising us alone. I feel like a failure and like no matter how hard I try life justRead more

Another milestone reached

My “baby” graduated grade R today! It really blows my mind how quickly time passes us by. It sometimes feels like eons ago that I had him but mostly because my unmedicated years are kinda blank and I mostly only remember things cause of photos or posts I’ve written (yeah, kinda harsh not remember theRead more