some fresh air

It’s been a whirlwind here settling back down after my dad sailed off, taking on a large side project, finishing my book (we even got the printing quotes!) so pre-sales can go live, speaking to lawyers and just keeping us all alive in general so writing hasn’t been on the forefront and every time I sit to write something else comes up, washing needs doing or dinner needs cooking.

This weekend we missioned through to Stellies for the first time in a while and it was a much needed change of scenery. The Person isn’t in the eco village anymore but his neighbor is still a vineyard so we took the woof for an amble short walk (cause I was a chop and the devil thorns poked through my flip flops).

I think fresh air is exactly what I needed to blow all the cobwebs out, well at least some of them for a bit.


Hopefully I find my footing soon.
I can’t wait to show off the book. I am honestly so dead proud of it already and I haven’t even had them printed yet.