galaxy hair – a tutorial

galaxy hair – a tutorial

Last time I posted a quick step by step of how I do my mermaid hair, well that was easy, one colour and BAM! But we’re going to take it a step further this time and add in two more colours to it, well I’ve done it before but there were no photos and people kept asking how we did all three colours together so I thought I’d show you.

There are SO MANY youtube tutorials on how to do it yourself and if The Person wasn’t around I’d be doing it myself as well because yes it is actually possible and I only have one mirror not a bunch like they do on youtube. One day I’ll get a proper phone that will be take decent photos and be able to take videos and we’ll start vlogging then you can see how we do it as I can’t find anyone who does it quite the same way :)


I am still using the Kungu I got last year and am still finding it the best of everything I’ve tried. Usually we just mish mash colours on haphazardly as you can see by the weird ombre effect but he complains it’s too hard so I thought that maybe pre arranging my hair into pieces would be a better idea and it definitely was. So each piece you unclip you split into two, do the roots a colour and the two pieces two different colours.

image (3)

image (2)


**PS > toothpaste (not the gel kind) takes off any stains, it’s so bloody great! The Person is a messy hair stylist haha.


The before and after.

I get a lot of people complimenting my dark, freshly coloured hair but I get a whole different set of people who adore the “pastel version” of it (the before). Personally I’m on the fence, I like them both. I like how the purple and green look when they wash out.

If you do your hair please let me know. I’ll try take a nice shot of the back of my head and put it on instagram so you can see all the different colours properly :)




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