DAY FIVE > Just Ella Bella

I met Ella through a bloggers group and she’s 120% a pinterest mom! So crafty and talented and she’s let me convince her to share some of her talents with you!

Ella makes custom gifts for kids… something that is uniquely theirs, from aprons to first birthday outfits, busy bags and room decor. (and she makes me look like a lazy mama!) She loves chatting to parents/friends/relatives about the child and customising gifts to the child’s personality :)

She says that the custom dolls she makes came about when a little girl told her son that he was not allowed to play with dolls. He was so disheartened that she decided to make him a mini him for Christmas (Super A because he loves superheroes) and now she makes dolls for anyone wanting something special! From super heroes to ballerinas or just dolls whose skin colour/hair is more relatable. Brilliant right?


I’ve ordered one for Fysh as a surprise and I saw a sneak peak of the effort Ella has put into it. Can’t wait for it to arrive, she’s kitted it out in minecreaft and I know he’s going to love it!

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***SA only unless you’re willing to sort out international postage with Ella

27 thoughts on “DAY FIVE > Just Ella Bella

  1. I’d keep the doll for me, because twins… and fighting. And they stole my plushy Oh Jeffrey so I need a new little buddy.

  2. My doll….I mean Zoe’s doll will have red hair because she has red hair which is so unique and special ;)

  3. My grandson’s doll would have to have blue eyes and blonde hair :)….. And the comment from Ms Rosen is very funny 😂

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