Currently | November Twenty-Eighteen

We are 4 Friday’s away from xmas. FOUR.
Damn this year just slid on right by us. And today I wrote my last exam of the year so just like that my first year is done, now we just wait for results eep!




Just finished Bones for the second time, I have the new Sabrina on my to-watch list cause it looks really good but I’m wondering if I should wait for part 2 to come out first.

Good Mythical Morning and Jack Hartman (he watches him for the times table songs)


As soon as I hit post I’m going to be picking up “When darkness calls” by Mark Griffin

Something about Zombies


Starting “Consumed” by J.R. Ward next week

Nightmares! (book 1) by Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller


Pointillism illustrations to pay off student debt. And sewing some unicorns.

Forts and trying to make the perfect paper airplane.


Relieved and proud

“Really really happy”


Setting up a podcast and a blog for me and my studies that’s not parenting related, where I can list printable study things and connect it with Patreon so it will hopefully eventually help sustain my study payments.

“Work really hard and make you happy”


Semester break!

“Cycling to the dam with M in the afternoons”

Fish has just made himself comfortable on my bed so we’re putting a movie on and I’m going to read a bit. Tomorrow I’m babysitting for a friend in the morning and hosting a dinner party afterwards. This weekend I think I’m just going to enjoy a few lazy hours with my guys in the garden. Then next week it’s full swing into work to make sure everything is done by 15 December because this year I really want to take the 3 weeks off to just ENJOY the festive season. Wishful thinking but eh, maybe :)