Currently – August 2018

I know that it’s said too often but this year really has seemed to just whoosh by us. It feel like a month ago that we were enjoying a weekend in Greyton for my birthday and yet here we are prepping for Fysh’s birthday on Monday. He’s going to be nine this year. NINE. It’s mind boggling.

We’re in our new little abode, we actually ended up moving in the last week of July which is why life has been mostly documented on Instagram and reviews etc have been put aside for us to just catch our breath a little. It’s been a lot of settling into new routines, learning new ways of doing things and trying to adjust to being with The Person daily but I think we’re managing.

I’ve managed to submit 2 of the 10 assignments due this semester and hoping to get at least another 4 done next week. Thankfully only two are exam modules but the portfolio module is so confusing, damn law modules! Next semester I’m tackling all the psych modules though. Should be fun :P

Just a quick currently update and then next week I’ll make a habit of posting more regularly again cause y’all need to know about some amazing products and books we’ve been reading and trying out :)





Friends – from the beginning

Coyote Peterson


Twelve Nights by Andrew Zurcher

First Names – Elon Musk by Tracey Turner


The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris

Nothing at the moment


Crocheted blankets from scrap yarn as gifts

His own version of Pogs


Still overwhelmed and anxious about finances and a little unsettled

Like his birthday is taking forever to arrive


A new little side project for Charlie and Beastie and finishing the sketches for their book

On making lots of money so mom doesn’t have to stress


The fresh air and daily walks through the vineyards

Walks to the damn


Mom is on her way out this side today to come see the house and sleep over so she will be here for the unicorns birthday tomorrow, big surprise that he’ll find out about in a few hours… my brother is coming with to spend the day here as well (mom let him take Monday off school) and I can’t wait to see his face when he sees his uncle get out the car as well.

Then we’re having a braai because granny is bringing her famous potato salad and his absolute favorite “sticky ribs”. And I’ll be making vanilla cupcakes and smarties fudge. No fancy cakes this year because everything went into the move but we managed to get him something small to unwrap at least.

Have a good Sunday!!!