Currently – April 2018

So it’s been a month, more? since we blogged. Needed a break, mainly because this juggling studies and work thing has taken a bit of time getting used to. Also because I’ve had nothing to really say or report and I’m over blogging just to bloody blog.

But to just catch up a little and keep a record for ourselves as well I thought I’d do a currently post, to ease back into things…





Supernatural (re-watching)

Coyote Peterson


Strange the Dreamer

Something about zombies and snot


Monster Mission (Eva Ibbotson)

Monster Mission (Eva Ibbotson)


Repurposing old clothes and pieces of fabric into winter clothing for Fysh and a crocheted habitat cardigan for myself

Nothing currently other than a mess on occasion


Overwhelmed with exams and anxious about finances and worried about my cat

Over school work and scared NaNo is dead


Passing my exams, registering for second semester and giving this slice of the internet a makeover again.

A train trip for his birthday in August apparently


The prospect of being a hedgehog mom again and all the support from my tribe re my studies.

All this rain, hot chocolate and hugs from mom


So this weekend (Saturday) I turn 30 and The Person has a camping trip planned! I’m hoping he planned it well considering all this rain we’re having all of a sudden (so not complaining about the rain though, absolutely loving it). But I promise to try take photos and document the occasion.

Now I have to go finish 6 illustrations for work, a personal one, some coloring pages and also study for the exams I’m writing in 3 weeks! And Fysh has to go do more cursive writing practice.