Assignments and statistics

I have a module this semester that seriously sucks, I know that last semester I said that Business English is the worst but I’d do it again if I could give Social Dimensions of Justice back! It’s made up of long essay assignments where most of the questions are things like “your opinion”, how inRead more

The thing about change

Change is inevitable, we know this, and yet I am still not the biggest fan unless it’s planned change. Planned by myself of course. Even then I struggle to really come to terms with it. Our move has been a massive change, monumental. For the first time in 9 years I’m living with a partnerRead more

Wolfkop family festival

At the beginning of March we headed out to the Wolfkop Camping Villages just outside Citrusdal for the weekend to join the very first Wolfkop Family Festival that is now going to be an annual event. Before that weekend I’d never heard of Wolfkop before despite us camping out that side as often as possible asRead more

A few things people with depression want you to know

I have several diagnoses, the main one being borderline personality disorder but along with that are the sub-diagnoses that are a little more “common” but still encased in crappy stigma. A while back I made up a list of things that people with anxiety want you to know. Today I thought I’d talk about the depressionRead more

10 of my favorite obscure emotions

  These are words you won’t find in the Oxford dictionary, you will however find them on The dictionary of obscure sorrows. They were mostly made up by graphic designer John Koenig who’s original definitions aim to fill a hole in the language – to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yetRead more

spontaneity vs planning

I like to think that I can be spontaneous and don’t need a rigid schedule but I’m just lying to myself. While I don’t write it all down and list it hour by hour like some people I do plan out my day and week in my head and if anyone messes with my planningRead more

Stubborn or Determined?

I haven’t really been writing here much lately as you can tell despite having several things to review and books to talk about. It’s been easier for me to Instagram my thoughts and I feel a bit more validated there like people are actually seeing it. Dumb I know. Another reason I haven’t been writingRead more