DAY TWENTY EIGHT > Mischief Managed

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate my birthday and my obsession with Harry Potter my equally obsessed friend Padfoot from Mischief Managed is gifting one of you some HP love :) Padfoot and I met on SM and immediately bonded over Potter, we’ve had many days since she moved to Cape Town where we just sitRead more


I LOVE my monthly book delivery I get to review and I jump with joy when authors send me their books because yeah I may be a little book obsessed haha. So to spread the love of books I’m putting together a box full o fbook love for one of you. It’ll have a littleRead more


ONLY TWO DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!! And yet as exciting as that is I have no plans because most are busy or live not in the mother city. Nothing new there, but that’s why we’re doing these giveaways. So you can celebrate with me!!! We started off the first giveaway with cupcakes but sadly only forRead more

DAY TWENTY FIVE > For the love of nail art

I’ve known Von from for the love of nail art since grade school when she bullied me into being her friend, no lies hey, she walked up to me and said “YOU! We’re going to be friends, come.” and then walked off expecting me to follow her and obviously I did hahaha. Man I loveRead more

DAY TWENTY FOUR > SA kids on the Go!

Mama started SA kids on the Go about 12 years ago when she moved to Cape Town and realised that she didn’t know anyone here and that finding kids related things/services and just places to go with kids was really hard so SA Kids was born! The good part > we are giving away aRead more


Acornkids Bath Products are unique and designed for early learning FUN! They turn bath time into a magical experience, an extravaganza of colour fun and excitement. Our wide range of bathtime products add colour and enjoyment to your kid’s bath time, and encourage learning in a fun interactive way. An Acornkids bath is the perfectRead more

DAY TWENTY TWO > Glamore Cosmetics

Today Glamore Cometics is giving you a few of their amazing products! Why? Well that’s easy, cause they’re AWESOME of course!!! I am so not great at beauty stuff so I’m just going to post images of what’s in the giveaway and you can head on over to their website and see what’s what :PRead more

DAY NINETEEN > Modern Monroe

SO many people ask me where I get my hair done and are gobsmacked when I say “in my bathroom” but it’s true, I do it myself (though The Person does help occasionally as you’ve seen) and you know what? I save a good 1 to 2 thousand rand doing it myself because yes, that’s whatRead more

DAY EIGHTEEN > Angela Meadon

I met Angela via the Dragon Writers group on FB which is the bombdiggity if you’re an aspiring writer as it’s a group made up of AMAZING accomplished and published writers and newbies alike so it’s definitely a go to for any questions you might have, also where I found the editor for my book so boojah!Read more

DAY SEVENTEEN > Crochet by Cupcake

Of course I had to throw a little something in the mix from myself. Actually this won’t be the only thing from me, there might be one or two more to fill gaps where people bailed or promised a spot and didn’t get back to me. Cause yes, that is the simple reality. Things don’tRead more

DAY SIXTEEN> Pout Perfection

My GORGEOUS friendling Fi from Pout Perfection and I met through a bloggers support group that was started by another amazing blogger and man am I glad I joined and met her cause Fi is just one of those people who makes the world a happier place. You can’t be sad around her, such aRead more

DAY FIFTEEN > Vin d’Easel

Vin d’Easel – Small art for big people The concept arose from our love of photography, illustration and art. We wanted to combine those elements to produce a tangible product to share with the public. All our art is supplied with miniature easels and comes in a gift box. So Vin d’Easel (clever name right?Read more

DAY FOURTEEN > Schnooky Pie

Jaclyn is a graphic designer who makes proudly South African babygrows over at Schnooky Pie and other adorable little clothing items for kids and she approached me cause well awesome attracts awesome right haha? Also cause she saw I love hedgehogs and she just so happens to have hedgehog babygrows in her arsenal! I don’t knowRead more

DAY THIRTEEN > Meghan Maconochie Print

Okay so if you don’t know about Meghan or who she is you have most definitely been living under a rock. I made friends with her on instagram when she started this frigging amazing 365 project that she actually completed. (I can’t even manage a 30 day project!) Quick catch up in case you don’t knowRead more

DAY TWELVE > Flowermill Stationary Co.

T and I go way way WAY back all the way to art class in Matric. Back then we got kicked out of class often daily and our art teacher told us we should simply give up because our art will never get us anywhere. (that’s putting it in a nice way).  T now worksRead more

DAY ELEVEN > Pure Sweet Joy

Deborah from Pure Sweet Joy is another crafty and clever blogger who has some really fantastic DIY tips! No seriously, she’s like the how to version of pinterest and I love it. I even found some minecraft printables on her blog to make for Fysh! She makes these really adorable baby grows with origami glitterRead more

DAY TEN > Ordinary Misfit

This is the best kind of misfit to know, well maybe not because she’s going to make you feel horrible about your nails and your lack of talent revolving them hahaha. Well that’s how I feel. *sits on un-manicured, unpolished nails* Not only is Mich talented with nail art and a fantastic pink haired beauty butRead more

DAY NINE > A bag full of crochet

For all the lovelies who crochet!!! This one is for you. And if you don’t know how to crochet… now’s the time to learn :) Stephanie from A bag full of crochet is giving away a pattern for her reversible slouch beanie. If you can’t crochet yet this is a great time to learn causeRead more

DAY EIGHT > Natascha Van Niekerk Fine Art Photography

I don’t know Natascha personally but when she offered up a gift for you guys I jumped for joy, I adore her photography and the jewellery and things she makes with her photos for us.   She, and myself, couldn’t decide which of the goodies to pick for you so she’s offering up a voucher instead. IRead more