[WIN] a month of lunch boxes from The Lunchbox Company!

A while back we got sent a box full of packed paper bags marked days 1 through to 20, sounds ominous right? Well actually it’s pretty much a life savour in a box really!!!

Now thankfully (maybe) we homeschool so I don’t have to do the early wake up and stress about lunch boxes and getting the kid dressed in the identity stealing uniform so I can send him to a soul destroying institute (my opinion). BUT I do have a boy child. And for those of you with a stereotypical boy child like mine am sure you’re very familiar with the words “I’m hungry” or “There’s nothing to eat”.

Which is where The Lunchbox Company saved me!

Each bag comes packed with 3 food items and a juice/water. They’re healthy and take in to consideration what kids need in their diet. All you need to do is add a fresh fruit or a sarmie!

Fysh can be quite fussy when it comes to food, which is weird cause he actually eats everything but maybe I’m just aware of what he doesn’t eat so I don’t buy it. He’s great with fruit, particularly apples and watermelon and every day he was excited to see what his “after school treat” was. Think his favourites were the dried fruit pastels and of course the biltong. Occasionally he would share the biscuits and nuts with The Person and I.

If you’re worried your kids won’t like them you don’t have to sign up for the Monthly Box you can sign up for the Trial Box. Oh and if you’re an adult there’s an Adult snack box as well and don’t worry you crazy Banters, they’ve got a box for you as well.

Now the awesome thing is that one of you will get to win a box full of brown bags and awesome yummies for a whole month as well!!! WOOHOO!

41 thoughts on “[WIN] a month of lunch boxes from The Lunchbox Company!

  1. I am pretty sure Riley wold love this because it means she wont have to make her own lunch for a month :P

  2. Our favorite healthy snacks are dried fruit and biltong or droe wors or some Lindt chocolate if we are being indulgent :)

  3. Rice cakes. I just love rice cakes and between me and my 5 year old there is always a fight on who gets the last one. .

  4. My daughter is such a snacker, she only eats snackies for lunch, no bread no food nothing, her favorites are nuts, dried fruit, biltong and fruits, this would be awesome for her

  5. You can really bribe me with biltong or droëwors. It’s my all-time favorite. Just love, love, looooove it.

  6. I have two fussy kids, Making lunch is a nightmare, it comes back half eaten or not eaten at all. This would be a Mommys’ Dream come true!! What a fanfreakingtastic idea!!!

  7. I don’t have a savoury tooth which means I crave the carbs. Salt & vinegar chips or cashews are my fav.

  8. My favourite snacks are fruit and popcorn – mostly because much as I’d like cookies all the time as a snack, I don’t share cookies with K. So popcorn and fruit it is ;)

  9. Our favorite anytime snake is fresh banana-bread. Its great for breakfast, snack, or even as desert covered in Chocolate spread :)

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