the education system has gone to shit

DSC_0372So we’d finally decided on a school for Fysh but of course as things would have it finances aren’t quite up to scratch and I can’t afford the school fees so we’ve had to resort to public school. Which by the way is not as easy to access as you think.

We went this morning quickly to go and get registration forms. The lady promptly pointed at a pile larger than the other “This is our rejection pile. Our rejection rate is very high so you might want to apply to other schools but be aware that you aren’t in their acceptance range location wise so it will be difficult. Also please note your child has to be vaccinated.” In my head she’s telling my “oh well, you’re fucked” because I don’t believe in vaccinations and we’re not zoned for any of the other schools.

No wonder private schools are so damn expensive, they’re the last fucking resort and they know it. I’ve been in both public and private schools growing up and I’ll tell you there is no fucking difference in the curriculum so what the actual fuck? They both wear uniforms, they both run the same schooling and they both happen in a building.

So what now? Do I start looking at homeschooling options? Do I start trying to figure out how to balance work which is already so damn fucking slow to come in and homeschool at the same time? Then there’s the thing of trying to get him to socialise cause obviously if he’s homeschooling we need to get out and make more friends as I’m not sure it’s healthy just to be around me, granny and his 14 year old uncle as friends all the time.

I’m done, I’m so fucking done.
I’m at the end of my rope. I really am.

We’ll fill out the forms and hope for the best I guess, nothing else to do really. But we’ll have to start actively looking into homeschooling at this point because we’re not the luckiest family there is.


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