My (not so) perfect life – Sophie Kinsella

my not so perfect life

Sophie Kinsella is one of those predictable authors that you keep in your back pocket, you know that she isn’t going to disappoint and that her writing is going to be one of those perfect Sunday afternoon reads where you pour yourself a G&T and grab a comfy spot and tell the family you’ll seeRead more

black cats and voodoo dolls

It’s Friday the 13th and I know a lot of people think it’s bad luck or whatever. To me it’s another day, although I’ll admit that this morning did actually start off crappy though, my housemate had to put his 18 year old cat down today as he had a stroke and can’t walk anymore.Read more

my year in books

Every year I set a reading goal. A number of books to try and read before the year is out. For 2013 I read 185 books according to GoodReads (actually I read more but a lot of them were re-reads and GoodReads doesn’t count those) but then for 2014 I only read 20 books (withRead more

Books make me happy 


Yesterday was a pretty decent day considering the last few we’ve had. I paid my car thanks to some help and I even managed to do a small grocery shop so that was a total win. We’ll still need to make sure the eskom bill gets covered but at least I have until next week beforeRead more

DAY TWENTY EIGHT > Mischief Managed

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate my birthday and my obsession with Harry Potter my equally obsessed friend Padfoot from Mischief Managed is gifting one of you some HP love :) Padfoot and I met on SM and immediately bonded over Potter, we’ve had many days since she moved to Cape Town where we just sitRead more


ONLY TWO DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!! And yet as exciting as that is I have no plans because most are busy or live not in the mother city. Nothing new there, but that’s why we’re doing these giveaways. So you can celebrate with me!!! We started off the first giveaway with cupcakes but sadly only forRead more

DAY EIGHTEEN > Angela Meadon

I met Angela via the Dragon Writers group on FB which is the bombdiggity if you’re an aspiring writer as it’s a group made up of AMAZING accomplished and published writers and newbies alike so it’s definitely a go to for any questions you might have, also where I found the editor for my book so boojah!Read more

DAY SEVENTEEN > Crochet by Cupcake

Of course I had to throw a little something in the mix from myself. Actually this won’t be the only thing from me, there might be one or two more to fill gaps where people bailed or promised a spot and didn’t get back to me. Cause yes, that is the simple reality. Things don’tRead more

here, watch this while I swear at my internet

I’m struggling to post at the moment as telkom has throttled my internet (yeah telkom, I fucking love what UNCAPPED means to you…) so am sitting swearing at the iMac while I try load all of April’s giveaways > you’re going to LOVE April even more than I do! So while I’m using every foul word knownRead more

a giveaway for book lovers

So I’ve been toying with the idea of running a giveaway on my book blog to motivate you to invite your friends who like books to join up to be reviewers because the more reviewers we have the more books we get from authors and I am not a patient person haha. Then Mel and I decidedRead more

are you a reader? I need you!

I’ve been blogging for 10 years (joh!) this year and 5 of those ten years I’ve been doing book reviews. In that time I’ve made really great friends and a lot of those friends are authors. When you get to really know published authors you get to learn all about the stuff that readers don’tRead more

GIVEAWAY > The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one. Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings whoRead more

The Brave Little Rabbit

I wrote a book! And had it edited! As in I seriously wrote one and finished it all by myself with a beginning a middle and and end and a pretty cute story line. I pantsed it like I usually do but this time I finished it. I’ve written adult books before and mostly with friends,Read more

we got a library card!

I don’t remember there being a library in Lüderitz and there probably was one in Walvis Bay but I can’t remember that either. I do though remember getting a library card when we moved to the boarding house in Vredenburg. I remember it clearly because Wednesday was “town day” and when every one else wentRead more

splish splash

When we moved in here 6 years ago the pool was blue (which I’m pretty sure was done right before we took over cause it wasn’t when we viewed) and I kept it going and clean (the pump is on a timer) until the pump decided to stop working and the landlord said it’s notRead more

I love you a googol

If like me you weren’t aware – googol is an actual number (10 to the power of one hundred). Apparently it’s how google got it’s name but only the creators will actually know if that’s true or not and I’ve never met them to ask so yeah, could just be internet make say.  I have noRead more

zombie prompts for 2016

So Mama Zombie posted this yesterday and I think it’s so bloody brilliant I’m going to join her in it next year. I often struggle to actually sit down and post what’s in my head and keep thinking “I’ll do it later” then when I eventually sit down to write it it’s too damn lateRead more

{book love} Saving our hearts – Velvet Reed

When your whole world shatters and time stands still, recovery is never easy. Plans and dreams, ripped apart now seem impossible and finding a steady rhythm for your beating heart seems unattainable. Cole Tierney and Grace Rivers had a bright, uncomplicated future ahead of them, but the accident changed that. In the aftermath, there areRead more

{book love} Rhythm of my heart – Velvet Reed

Grace Rivers is your everyday twenty-five year old. She could have the world at her feet, but instead chooses to help run the family business. After experiencing great loss early in her life, Grace values what’s most important: her family and friends. But she aches to find that certain someone—that one great, passionate love whoRead more

win a signed set of the Charming Incantations series by Monique Snyman

I was supposed to post this on Monday already but have been worrying over The Person who’s been recovering from tick bite fever (yes it’s as horrible and worse as it sounds) so between that and NaNo the blogging took a way side. But I’m here and better late than never. Enticed (book 1) wasRead more