Snow fun at Canal Walk!

So recently Fysh and I went for an evening of absolute FUN at Canal Walk. If you’re a local I’m sure you already know that every December for the past 10+ years they host a ice adventure over December. Bringing some snow fun to our summer holiday season. If you’re new… well now you knowRead more

you are not alone! by Lizanne Pitt

I met Lizanne from clayjarpeople (and here) years ago on twitter and she’s great, for the first time this year though I got to meet her in person and she’s even better, she totes get’s the awkwardness and doesn’t make you keep up conversation if you don’t want to. I’m glad I got to properly meet herRead more

how to piss me off #3546

I’m really upset right now and I probably shouldn’t blog when I’m upset but I’m going to anyway. Someone posted this on Facebook: Unconditional love is like unconditional happiness, that doesn’t mean you are happy no matter what. It means that even when you are having the worst day imaginable, you owe it to yourself toRead more