deception or imagination creation?

The tooth faerie came to visit us again last night, this time she had to answer a note that came with the tooth > do you eat teeth? When I was pregnant and before the concepts of bunnies that deliver chocolate eggs and fat men that bring gifts became something he could fathom on IRead more


We were at the opening of The Kids Gym on Wednesday and they have these really cool classes the kids can do, one in particular is The NinjaZone where they learn to be ninja’s. Basically it’s a mix of martial arts, gymnastics and parkour. So the kids are having a fantastic time because who doesn’tRead more

Fact Friday – fingerprints

The other day we were hanging up washing and Fysh asked why we have fingerprints. The best I could answer him is that they help us grip onto things. Well that answer didn’t really placate it, he knows about using fingerprints to find people because of NCIS etc but then in an episode of Numb3rsRead more

The adventures of August and Tiny Hoof

It’s no secret that Fysh has never been very artistic, sure he’d scribble and occasionally he’d paint something but in general he didn’t seem to have much of a concept for it or even an actual interest in it and then this past week he turns around and starts his own comic series. BOOM. JustRead more

All the paint fun 

This morning we were at the waterfront for a networking breakfast and I decided to finally use the vouchers we got last year at an event for Art Jamming before they expire. Guys, it was SO much fun! I know I have canvas and paint at home but this is an entire studio just forRead more

Books make me happy 


Yesterday was a pretty decent day considering the last few we’ve had. I paid my car thanks to some help and I even managed to do a small grocery shop so that was a total win. We’ll still need to make sure the eskom bill gets covered but at least I have until next week beforeRead more

Give that kids a bells! (or a high five at least) 

spring flowers

So a while back I was looking for pictures of long hair with undercut cause in summer my hair is a killer and thought maybe it’d be a good idea but I was worried that having bright hair and an undercut would be overkill but I found this epic photo which to me proved itRead more

Level up! Birthday style. 

Fysh birthday

At 14:14 on August 6th 2009 a new soul came into the world and he took over my life like a hurricane through a trailer park, turning it upside down and throwing plans in every direction.  Another thing affected is friendships, storms are great for setting who will stick with you through it. Many comeRead more