About last night – Catherine Alliott

about last night

The good reads synopsis really does the summary of this book perfectly; it’s a funny, enthralling and heartwarming story of a woman who gets a second chance in life – but will she have the courage to take it Molly has moved from London to rural Herefordshire, chasing the Good Life. Swapping the tube forRead more

My (not so) perfect life – Sophie Kinsella

my not so perfect life

Sophie Kinsella is one of those predictable authors that you keep in your back pocket, you know that she isn’t going to disappoint and that her writing is going to be one of those perfect Sunday afternoon reads where you pour yourself a G&T and grab a comfy spot and tell the family you’ll seeRead more

my year in books

Every year I set a reading goal. A number of books to try and read before the year is out. For 2013 I read 185 books according to GoodReads (actually I read more but a lot of them were re-reads and GoodReads doesn’t count those) but then for 2014 I only read 20 books (withRead more

Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Lisa Clark

The cookie jar Lisa Clark

A while back Penguin dropped off The Cookie Jar book by Lisa Clark and with it came some sample cookies from the book, the salted chocolate chunk ones and guys… I have been craving this cookie ever since. I can’t explain to you how good it is. Seriously, it’s one of those cookies where onceRead more

Books make me happy 


Yesterday was a pretty decent day considering the last few we’ve had. I paid my car thanks to some help and I even managed to do a small grocery shop so that was a total win. We’ll still need to make sure the eskom bill gets covered but at least I have until next week beforeRead more

[book review] The Brightest Star in the Sky – Chyemenn Santos

Lego party

Earlier this year we had to have our beautiful border collie put down. Joonbug was a rescue we got shortly after moving into our home, it’s a big house and I wanted the safety of a dog. Well it turned out she definitely wasn’t much of a watch dog (she was actually a scaredy catRead more

The secret to life – condensed version

live life simply

My dad posted this on FB and apparently it was written by Thor Harris from Monofonuspress.com but it’s so good I can’t not share. It’s so damn honest, blunt and to the point. Something I think we need to print out and keep somewhere we can see often as a bloody good reminder. Also, I’m wondering ifRead more

mortgage, rent, school fees and taxes for a 6 year old

monopoly pieces

** Not a sponsored post. Just sharing a great find. I mentioned the other day that Fysh has wanted a monopoly set for quite a while and was pretty distraught after the little incident where he “won” a set and then it was realised they gave it to the wrong people and took it back. TodayRead more

DAY TWENTY EIGHT > Mischief Managed

IT’S MY BIRTHDAY! And to celebrate my birthday and my obsession with Harry Potter my equally obsessed friend Padfoot from Mischief Managed is gifting one of you some HP love :) Padfoot and I met on SM and immediately bonded over Potter, we’ve had many days since she moved to Cape Town where we just sitRead more


I LOVE my monthly book delivery I get to review and I jump with joy when authors send me their books because yeah I may be a little book obsessed haha. So to spread the love of books I’m putting together a box full o fbook love for one of you. It’ll have a littleRead more

DAY NINETEEN > Modern Monroe

SO many people ask me where I get my hair done and are gobsmacked when I say “in my bathroom” but it’s true, I do it myself (though The Person does help occasionally as you’ve seen) and you know what? I save a good 1 to 2 thousand rand doing it myself because yes, that’s whatRead more

DAY EIGHTEEN > Angela Meadon

I met Angela via the Dragon Writers group on FB which is the bombdiggity if you’re an aspiring writer as it’s a group made up of AMAZING accomplished and published writers and newbies alike so it’s definitely a go to for any questions you might have, also where I found the editor for my book so boojah!Read more

DAY SIX > A colouring book

I know some seriously great and generous people! Today’s giveaway is sponsored by a lovely ex blogger friend of mine > Eleanor who owns whats the function simply because she’s amazing and thinks that everyone should have a colouring book but because we can’t buy everyone one she’ll just help out one person with theRead more

goodbye march ♥

You know, as far as months go March wasn’t a horrible one. I haven’t quite caught up on my November/December debt yet, actually I added to that with the breaking down of my car but despite that it didn’t quite suck as much as I thought it would. Does this mean things are slowly gettingRead more

favourite video of the week – The Maker

  I found this on an authors time line and am so in love with it. The style, the music. Just everything about it. It’s so hauntingly beautiful and I wish I could put it into words. There is so much you can read into this, how he works his entire life for a fewRead more

Another reason I don’t like people

Tuesday I got to see Harry Potter on the big screen for the first time since it originally came out but this time it was under the stars and an almost full moon in the company of friends and Fysh which made it so much more special. I loved every moment of it and itRead more

a giveaway for book lovers

So I’ve been toying with the idea of running a giveaway on my book blog to motivate you to invite your friends who like books to join up to be reviewers because the more reviewers we have the more books we get from authors and I am not a patient person haha. Then Mel and I decidedRead more

DIY book roses

I am on the fence about book art, I cringe when I think about destroying a book but man it’s so gorgeous. I came across some damaged books in my shed (long story) and I was going to toss them because they’re really not usable any more but the thought of tossing out books is evenRead more

[book love] Hooked on Mandalas by Haafner Linssen

Random Struik (aka Penguin books) sent me a copy of Haafner Linssen‘s “Hooked on Mandalas” and man oh man I am hooked (see what I did there, haha).    It arrived yesterday morning and the first thing I did was send The Person photos of some of the ones I thought he’d like then headed toRead more