[WIN] double tickets to the pre-screening of INFERNO

I have read every single one of Dan Brown’s books and absolutely loved them though as of yet I haven’t read Inferno for some odd reason but I am definitely going to read it ASAP. In case you didn’t know, Inferno has been made into a movie! Robert Langdon is BACK! and to celebrate the releaseRead more

DAY SIXTEEN> Pout Perfection

My GORGEOUS friendling Fi from Pout Perfection and I met through a bloggers support group that was started by another amazing blogger and man am I glad I joined and met her cause Fi is just one of those people who makes the world a happier place. You can’t be sad around her, such aRead more

DAY FIFTEEN > Vin d’Easel

Vin d’Easel – Small art for big people The concept arose from our love of photography, illustration and art. We wanted to combine those elements to produce a tangible product to share with the public. All our art is supplied with miniature easels and comes in a gift box. So Vin d’Easel (clever name right?Read more

DAY EIGHT > Natascha Van Niekerk Fine Art Photography

I don’t know Natascha personally but when she offered up a gift for you guys I jumped for joy, I adore her photography and the jewellery and things she makes with her photos for us.   She, and myself, couldn’t decide which of the goodies to pick for you so she’s offering up a voucher instead. IRead more

DAY SEVEN > Looma Designs

I was supposed to post this one yesterday but got my dates mixed up. It just so happens that Cristy from Looma Designs happens to be an APRIL BABY! Boojah! and yesterday was her birthday :) So we’re all going to spam her with some belated birthday love today ;) I met Cristy when IRead more

DAY SIX > A colouring book

I know some seriously great and generous people! Today’s giveaway is sponsored by a lovely ex blogger friend of mine > Eleanor who owns whats the function simply because she’s amazing and thinks that everyone should have a colouring book but because we can’t buy everyone one she’ll just help out one person with theRead more

DAY FIVE > Just Ella Bella

I met Ella through a bloggers group and she’s 120% a pinterest mom! So crafty and talented and she’s let me convince her to share some of her talents with you! Ella makes custom gifts for kids… something that is uniquely theirs, from aprons to first birthday outfits, busy bags and room decor. (and she makes meRead more

DAY FOUR > Turkey Dimple

Man I love that name… Turkey Dimple. I laugh every time I read it! Turns out it’s the name of a colour btw in case you were wondering like I did, Shalain says she collected paint swatches as a teen and this one stuck out (no it’s not weird, I collected them and still do.Read more

DAY TWO > Forever Illustration

Kerri from Forever Illustration is an old friend I met via social media who like me learned that art is great for the soul and is cheaper than therapy and it just so happens that she’s bloody talented as well and thus Forever Illustration was born. She’s offered to let one of you send herRead more

DAY ONE > The Cupcake Lady

It’s the first day of 28 days of giveaways and am SO stoked to introduce you to The Cupcake Lady! Because what better way to start my birthday celebrations that with an über talented friend and CAKE! Angel is fabulous and her cakes are works of art! Sadly she lives in Jozi so I haven’tRead more

GIVEAWAY > The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

After the 1st wave, only darkness remains. After the 2nd, only the lucky escape. And after the 3rd, only the unlucky survive. After the 4th wave, only one rule applies: trust no one. Now, it’s the dawn of the 5th wave, and on a lonely stretch of highway, Cassie runs from Them. The beings whoRead more

win a SIGNED set of The Legacy Trilogy written by Melissa Delport

It’s no secret that Mel is my absolute favourite author of all times and recently I got The Legacy trilogy posted to me and it was SIGNED! I nearly died. Not like when I got a signed copy of Rainfall of course which made my entire life a happy one (I still owe you aRead more