4 weeks down. 48 to go

Last year I got a bee in my bonnet and during a manic episode somehow decided that a 365 project would be a fantastic idea.  I was going to do a drawing every day for the year. At first the idea was to have a theme for the week and do each day as aRead more

I’m officially on Patreon!

So in 2017 I’ll be attempting my very first 365 project and to help make it happen I was going to do a crowd funding thing but then thought perhaps Patreon was a better idea because long term I’d also like to exhibit the pieces from the project and also finish the book that isRead more

drink creatively

Myself and Padfoot missioned through to The Hollow Tree in Bellville last night to join in on Paint Nite after she won last minute tickets. Mama doesn’t like babysitting during the week cause of my brother needing to be at school the next morning and her 7am gym routine but she agreed with a bitRead more