picnics, waterfalls, wheelchairs and uphills

My mom’s Aunt is visiting for the festive season and she’s never been to Kirstenbosch , we checked and apparently the boomslang (canopy walk) is wheel chair friendly so we thought hell why not, Tuesday’s are seniors day, she’d love it.

Please note for anyone who wants to take a family member of friend or even yourself to it, the Canopy walk is NOT wheel chair friendly. You can’t get to it unless you’re willing to pull said wheelchair up a shit load of stairs or attempt to get it over a cobbled walkway. Eh. And have you ever actually pushed a wheel chair uphill while it actually has a person in it? It’s not freaking easy, it’s worse than a pram! Never mind trying to negotiate stairs, and going downhill is just as bloody hard. Speaking of hard… my calves are ON FIRE. I don’t know if it’s just cause I’m unfit or because it really is a rather hard workout. But at least the able bodied “old people” got to go.

Fysh and I meandered off on our own at some point and it was lovely, I convinced him to try the waterfall and he kept wanting to go back to get more of the magical water. Mountain water has some serious natural crack in it because it’s definitely more-ish. We also wondered around the art gallery and I really need to make proper connections after seeing that and the prices that the tourists so happily pay. That or I need to up my talent.

Other than burning calves and some disappointment about not getting to do the boomslang she still thoroughly enjoyed it which was what really mattered :)