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Kerri from Forever Illustration is an old friend I met via social media who like me learned that art is great for the soul and is cheaper than therapy and it just so happens that she’s bloody talented as well and thus Forever Illustration was born.

She’s offered to let one of you send her your favourite photograph of your favourite person or furbaby and she’ll turn it into a pencil master piece for you to keep forever. I even get one as a birthday gift and I can’t wait to frame it and put it on my wall.


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32 thoughts on “DAY TWO > Forever Illustration

  1. If I were to win this prize, I’d most likely ask for an illustration of my dad, who passed very suddenly last year. I hadn’t spoken to him for over a year at the time of his death and I suppose you could say that this made things even worse. I had my reasons and he had his, but after all is said, he was my dad and he is dead now. I am writing about it as my own form of therapy and hopefully it will help some other peeps who have had to deal with grief, guilt, neglect, abuse, alcoholism and soddy parenting. My wedding is coming up and though I never imagined that he’d attend mine, it was never because I considered that he’d have passed on by then. I’d love to incorporate his photo somewhere in our day and an illustration by Kerri would be exactly what I had in mind.

  2. Its been a tough one so far, however my best memory is going to Durban with my mom to watch the cricket T20 match with SA vs Aus.

  3. What a fab giveaway this is, love art and specially something like this, have to say best memorie of this year is taking my daughter to see the sea for the first time which she absolutely loved

  4. I would love to win this, art is beautiful and calming and I am in awe of people with the talent. I would chose a picture from our engagement because its a beautiful memory.

  5. My favourite memory from this year is road tripping with my husband to visit my sister. We had a weekend filled with memory worth moments

  6. Is it bad to admit that I don’t really have any stand out happy memories? I celebrated 9 years with my spouse which is pretty great, and got to go to Sodwana for the first time.

    I’m in a bit of a funk and nothing is really blipping on the happy radar like it should.

  7. I think I’m still going to make my best memory for this year but visiting my brother and his family last month is way up there

  8. My favourite memory this year is my son enjoying the super tube for the first time at Avalon Springs.

  9. My husband sent me a letter with 10 things he loves about me to celebrate our 10-year wedding anniversary last week. Made me feel so special and loved.

  10. My best memory of this year so far was probably that first week of January. We were still on holiday with friends, the weather was great, the atmosphere was incredible and our kids were kids! They played outside and swam every day. They played in the river, rode bikes and picked up shells. Kids should always be carefree and happy like they were that first week of January :D

  11. My baby boys 1st birthday :) it means I made it 1 year as a mommy. 1 year with my little miracle who was born premature. 1 year of beautiful memories with this tiny human who has changed my life forever

  12. Best memory from this was when my Family and I attended my brothers wedding in January, which was so beautiful and special <3

  13. My best memory this year is watching my little boy (11months) play with his daddy ( my husband) seeing their “rough” play makes me smile- and sometimes cover my eyes ;)

  14. My best memory this year, so far, happened when I got my next book signed by an up and coming publisher. I think that’s kind of up there on the list. And then there’s Lilith … silly puppy. *giggles* Such a diva. I guess her everyday antics ties with getting a contract for Muti Nation. :D

  15. The baby shower we had on sunday (my cousin is adopting) and the wonderful photos that we taken of my children.

  16. Just a normal Sunday, I spotted my children playing beautifully, without fighting or screaming. Small pleasures.

  17. My best Memory for this year is my holiday to George, Knysna. Visiting the Knysna heads, going on sunset cruise and sightseeing

  18. My best Memory for this year is being able to spend a whole weekend all alone with hubby. We didn’t do anything significant, we just spent time together being together.

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