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Deborah from Pure Sweet Joy is another crafty and clever blogger who has some really fantastic DIY tips! No seriously, she’s like the how to version of pinterest and I love it. I even found some minecraft printables on her blog to make for Fysh!

She makes these really adorable baby grows with origami glitter prints on them and she’s giving you the choice of one! BUT here’s the deal, if you don’t have a baby that’s 3-6 months you are allowed the option of requesting just the iron on if you win which means all you need is an iron and a blank shirt/purse/bag/bigger babygrow etc (get a cheapie from pep or ackermans). Deborah sent us the adorable bunny’s for Fysh and I to put on our tshirts for easter, unfortunately the post office was delayed and they arrived late but I’ll do a tutorial for you on instagram when I iron it on later this week.

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24 thoughts on “DAY ELEVEN > Pure Sweet Joy

  1. I LOVE the Elephant :) And if I won I would love the baby grow for my little boy who is due in 8 weeks :)

  2. I don’t have a 3-6 month old anymore (he’s 10 months already!), but my sister-in-law and cousin are both preggies, so I can pass it one to them. :)
    The elephant is the cutest!

  3. The elephant on the grower. Its gorgeous. I’ll gift it to a special little baby boy due in August.

  4. I would love the elephant! My baby is already 8 months, but would love this for my sister-in-law whos pregnant!

  5. Love the bunny origami babygrow! would be perfect for my litle girl coming in september :-)

  6. Hi, my sister is expecting her 1st baby. A little girl due in the Spring. She’s had bunnies on the mind, so🐇 a bonnie bunny babygrow would delight her so

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