Wolfkop family festival

At the beginning of March we headed out to the Wolfkop Camping Villages just outside Citrusdal for the weekend to join the very first Wolfkop Family Festival that is now going to be an annual event. Before that weekend I’d never heard of Wolfkop before despite us camping out that side as often as possible asRead more

Yellow is the new Blue. Apparently

** I decided to write this because so many people commented on my Instagram stories that they were thinking of buying it this holiday. I know I said I’m going to stay brunette for a while, and I did. A whole few days ;) Decided that this whole short brunette thing just doesn’t work forRead more

Reviewing Hasbro toys!

Check it out… Fysh reviewed some of our top picks from Hasbro for xmas this year. Yes, I really was tempted to wrap them all and hide them away from him but then we wouldn’t be able to review them and I’d also be setting myself up for trying to out do this year allRead more

[WIN – CLOSED] Nerf Blaster Flaconfire

Last week Hasbro sent us the Nerf Blaster Falconfire from the Nerf N-Strike Elite Accustrike Series. It’s actually pretty cool compared to the others (well compared to our other one) as the new range has redesigned bullets that make them shoot further and more accurately which does make shooting down plastic bottles easier, although thisRead more

[WIN – CLOSED] The Secret Book Box

There is no doubting the fact that I love reading. It’s always been my way to escape to somewhere that is just better than whatever is here. And it’s a comfort. An adventure. A way to make new friends and see new worlds without even having to leave the sofa. Lately I’ve found Fysh reading toRead more

Time for tea

So in February for Valentine’s Day we decided we aren’t going to go all big or whatever seeing as our anniversary is so close to it anyway so instead all three of us stayed in and I ordered a games box from Don’t Disturb. Instead of going out and paying for overpriced prices if you’reRead more