Stove top popcorn

I love popcorn but I’ll admit that for the longest time ever I wasn’t able to make it on the stove. It was nothing but bags in the microwave for us and those aren’t exactly cheap. A few years back I had a sailor staying here that laughed when he found out I can’t stoveRead more

end of the month butternut pie

It’s mid month January and I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one raiding the sofa for a few coins. I raided the kitchen to see what I had to work with and found a lone butternut, an onion and pie crust so…  MONTH END PIE! Pre-heat oven to 200 celcius Cut and steamedRead more

my dads beer bread recipe

I forgot to get bread yesterday and Fysh has this thing about his toast ever since we got a toaster for xmas so he was a little miff when he realised we’re out. But I am not putting on pants just to go to the shop and buy a loaf of bread so I pokedRead more

Healthier ways to satisfy that sweet tooth

Fysh is ALWAYS HUNGRY! I swear he has worms (he doesn’t, we do the deworm thing often as we have pets) and most of the time I’m hearing “do we have anything sweet in the house?” which of course we don’t most of the time because we tend to eat it soon as we getRead more

Salted Chocolate Chunk Cookies by Lisa Clark

The cookie jar Lisa Clark

A while back Penguin dropped off The Cookie Jar book by Lisa Clark and with it came some sample cookies from the book, the salted chocolate chunk ones and guys… I have been craving this cookie ever since. I can’t explain to you how good it is. Seriously, it’s one of those cookies where onceRead more

Masala cheesy fries

A while back I grabbed a packet of those thin fries Fysh loves, you know the kind they serve at McDonald’s?  Well we both adore those cheesy fries from steers and wanted some but I don’t want to venture out and also cash, then I remembered the fries in the freezer and decided why notRead more

Cupcakes for 2

cupcakes for 2

You know how sometimes you’re craving a cupcake but you really don’t want to make an entire batch because if you do you know you’ll have to eat them all because shame man you can’t neglect them… I feel your pain. So does my ass.  So heres a recipe that produces 2 cupcakes. Yup. JustRead more

Peppermint Crisp Tart… but cupcakes!

pepermint crisp cupcakes

A while back Fysh and I were contacted and asked if we’d be willing to take part in a fun little challenge set up by GWK, one where we take a traditional South African recipe and give it our own unique twist. If you follow me on Instagram <cupcakemummy> you’ll be seeing in our storiesRead more

Nature’s Farm Pasta!

natures farm pasta

We had the most epic press drop full of farm goodness. There was cake flour and brown flour and really epic cookies and of course PASTA! I know that we shouldn’t eat pasta. Or at least in moderation but we are a pasta household as it’s cost effective and filling and you can make SORead more

Moms Pancakes (but dairy free!)

milk free crepes

Fysh can only have dairy in small amounts and also not after lunch but he’s been asking for pancakes and seeing as my car died (battery) and we couldn’t get to the shop to get stuff for dinner I dug around and found we have everything but milk for the pancakes. So I altered theRead more

Condensed Milk Cookies

hedgehog photography

I have been feeling like cookies for a while now so though screw it let’s make some! Dug out a recipe I got from my great grandma :) You’ll need: 250g butter 150g sugar 5ml Vanilla Essence 1 can condensed milk 4 x 250 ml  Cake Flour 10ml Baking Powder Cream butter and sugar until softRead more

easy microwave fudge recipe

easy microwave fudge

I suck at fudge making, I just can’t. I usually end up with some form of weird toffee concoction that tastes good but definitely can’t class as fudge. And it’s a mission and a mess and you may as well throw your good pan away cause you don’t want to deal with that shit. NotRead more

chocolate peanut butter banana bread

chocolate banana bread recipe

Fysh made me buy a packet of bananas a week or two ago under the guise that he now actually likes them (hahahaha) well he ate maybe two and then I found a packet of over ripe nanas in the fridge so thought well I’m sure as hell not letting them go to waste. IRead more

Fysh’s mini cheesy butternut pizza’s

butternut pizza

The Fysh is pretty creative in the kitchen an tonight I let him be in charge and so he presents to you “butternut pizza”.  (His version isn’t vegan and because this is his recipe I wasn’t allowed to share mine but you can easily adjust it to be by swapping the mince out for cauliflowerRead more

Quick and easy Rum Balls

Occasionally I have left over cake pieces (SAY WHAT?!) yes, it happens, sometimes there’s left over when you trim a cake, when kids don’t eat it all or even when cats eat half and you have to retake it so you have half a cake that’s fine. Anyway, occasionally I have said cake, what doRead more

we got a bit of a make-over and made chocolate pie

So am not sure if you noticed all the spam you got today or not but that’s because I got a bee in my bonnet and decided to give the blog an over-haul yest again. (No I have NO idea why themes spam posts out when I upload them. So effing annoying!) Yes I know IRead more

beautiful food, on a budget

Yesterday the Today team dropped off a box with 3 everyday ingredients for me to use to create a puff pastry masterpiece. The challenge was to create beautiful food, on a budget. I was free to add or remove anything that will give my creation the edge it needs to trump the other bloggers whoRead more