Assignments and statistics

I have a module this semester that seriously sucks, I know that last semester I said that Business English is the worst but I’d do it again if I could give Social Dimensions of Justice back! It’s made up of long essay assignments where most of the questions are things like “your opinion”, how inRead more

Goodbye 20’s

It’s the last day of my 20’s today, tomorrow I hit 30. People say all these things you should feel and my psych was worried that turning 30 would cause me more anxiety but honestly I’m okay with it. My early 20’s weren’t the party hardy let your flag fly vibes most people have, theyRead more

Wolfkop family festival

At the beginning of March we headed out to the Wolfkop Camping VillagesĀ just outside Citrusdal for the weekend to join the very first Wolfkop Family Festival that is now going to be an annual event. Before that weekend I’d never heard of Wolfkop before despite us camping out that side as often as possible asRead more

Train like you’ve been picked for the Triwizard Tournement

We’re on week two of this whole “being more active” thing and last week showed a few cm’s down which is of course a bonus and fantastic motivation to keep at it. It really does help getting a few people in on it with you to help motivate each other. Sometimes we talk more kakRead more

deception or imagination creation?

The tooth faerie came to visit us again last night, this time she had to answer a note that came with the tooth > do you eat teeth? When I was pregnant and before the concepts of bunnies that deliver chocolate eggs and fat men that bring gifts became something he could fathom on IRead more

just go the fuck to sleep!

Oddly enough when Fysh was born I never really had much of a problem getting him to sleep. He was a little colicky until I switched him over to soy but other than that he would sleep 6 hours easily between feeds. From around age 2 though he decided that sleep was for the weak.Read more

So suave. So grown up

For a long time now Fysh has had long hair. It’s been an uphill battle against family and people commenting on it but he was hard ass at keeping it that way because that’s why he wanted.  Week before last he started talking about cutting it and I said okay but delayed it. Then lastRead more