Get back up again

On Monday I write my first exam. I am so nervous that I have hardly been able to eat, my hands shake and I can cry at the drop of a hat. It’s not even one of the “big” ones, it’s business English but if you look at my assignment results for the semester it’sRead more

Goodbye 20’s

It’s the last day of my 20’s today, tomorrow I hit 30. People say all these things you should feel and my psych was worried that turning 30 would cause me more anxiety but honestly I’m okay with it. My early 20’s weren’t the party hardy let your flag fly vibes most people have, theyRead more

Wolfkop family festival

At the beginning of March we headed out to the Wolfkop Camping Villages just outside Citrusdal for the weekend to join the very first Wolfkop Family Festival that is now going to be an annual event. Before that weekend I’d never heard of Wolfkop before despite us camping out that side as often as possible asRead more

On turning 30

For a long time I dreaded nearing my third decade. It’s such a big number. Feels so much like a “you should have your shit together” kind of number which is silly I know but it’s just what it is. I had major anxiety about it, panic attacks and oh the many many guilt riddenRead more

10 of my favorite obscure emotions

  These are words you won’t find in the Oxford dictionary, you will however find them on The dictionary of obscure sorrows. They were mostly made up by graphic designer John Koenig who’s original definitions aim to fill a hole in the language – to give a name to emotions we all might experience but don’t yetRead more

picnics, waterfalls, wheelchairs and uphills

My mom’s Aunt is visiting for the festive season and she’s never been to Kirstenbosch , we checked and apparently the boomslang (canopy walk) is wheel chair friendly so we thought hell why not, Tuesday’s are seniors day, she’d love it. Please note for anyone who wants to take a family member of friend orRead more