Assignments and statistics

I have a module this semester that seriously sucks, I know that last semester I said that Business English is the worst but I’d do it again if I could give Social Dimensions of Justice back! It’s made up of long essay assignments where most of the questions are things like “your opinion”, how inRead more

The Creakers – Tom Fletcher

My taste in books seems to have massive leaps between genre’s the only ones I can never get into are period/war type novels. Lately it’s more YA and psychological but I got The Creakers by Tom Fletcher a while back and it’s what I grabbed off my shelf of to read this week. I LOVEDRead more

Flowercrowns and Treatment

Did you know that if you added up all the patients with rare diseases you would have more people than all of those with cancer and AIDS combined? That’s a lot of people without support because rare diseases aren’t as funded for treatments as Cancer etc. I’m not saying Cancer isn’t important, it’s a freakingRead more

The thing about change

Change is inevitable, we know this, and yet I am still not the biggest fan unless it’s planned change. Planned by myself of course. Even then I struggle to really come to terms with it. Our move has been a massive change, monumental. For the first time in 9 years I’m living with a partnerRead more

Stove top popcorn

I love popcorn but I’ll admit that for the longest time ever I wasn’t able to make it on the stove. It was nothing but bags in the microwave for us and those aren’t exactly cheap. A few years back I had a sailor staying here that laughed when he found out I can’t stoveRead more


At long last I can officially say it and I can’t be more excited or scared shitless. Fysh and I have had this dream of buying a van and living out of it for years now, and then we met The Person and hey guess what, he has the same dream! Unfortunately I can’t sayRead more

You can do it kid

I finished writing my last exam for the semester this afternoon. So that basically marks the end of semester one for me and I know it’s an extremely delayed reaction but it only hit me today that I am actually a freaking university student. I was sitting in the car on they way home fromRead more

Get back up again

On Monday I write my first exam. I am so nervous that I have hardly been able to eat, my hands shake and I can cry at the drop of a hat. It’s not even one of the “big” ones, it’s business English but if you look at my assignment results for the semester it’sRead more

Goodbye 20’s

It’s the last day of my 20’s today, tomorrow I hit 30. People say all these things you should feel and my psych was worried that turning 30 would cause me more anxiety but honestly I’m okay with it. My early 20’s weren’t the party hardy let your flag fly vibes most people have, theyRead more